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"The art of the past with a modern style"

Sebastiano Migliore has always embraced the same philosophy. That of combining the richness of tradition and experience with a penchant for innovation and creativity.

He heads a team of experts dedicated to the constant search for quality and exclusivity. To the scrupulous, refined creation of collections that express the spirit and positioning of the maison.

Studying contemporary styles, anticipating trends, continuously keeping up to date thanks to frequent trips to the most dynamic fashion capitals, know-how that comes from everyday contacts in the world’s most important industrial district for footwear and leather goods, providing each client with a quick, efficient service: this is what constitutes ATELIER MIGLIORE today.

Ideas are born where creativity goes beyond the boundaries of the imagination. Where intuitions are transformed into pure expressions of trends.

Exclusive, innovative projects that become collections that are unique in their style and trend.

Imagination, craftsmanship, attention to detail, quality, dedication to the client and a perfect synergy with technology: our company is based on these values. All this means that we can continuously present each of our clients with new, imaginative ideas to then design and bring to fruition.

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